Hi! I’m Daisy Getz.

I’m a twenty-year old from Philadelphia, PA.

I am a rising sophomore at The George Washington University and I’m majoring in Psychology.

… alright, enough of that boring stuff.

I love elephants, Lizzie McGuire, and year-round Christmas trees. I don’t read as much as I want to, I check Facebook WAY TOO MUCH, and I love elephants. Did I already mention that?

In preschool, I wrote a few lines about what I would do if I found five dollars: “If I found five dollars, I would buy any kind of candy bar. I love candy bars.” I have found that nothing describes me better.

My car’s name is Shamanda. It’s like Amanda, but with a “shhhhhh.” Sometimes I talk to her (always). I also give her a hug whenever I leave to go back to school and take her out on a celebratory drive upon my return. I promise it’s not weird.