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she finally decided to take the wheel

Can ~glampers~ fly?

Because it’s really windy, and my camper is shaking like crazy! Wind becomes much scarier when you’re in a tent; even if it’s a tent with beds.

Anyway, I’m writing this from the campground but, as I said before, I don’t have wifi, so I’ll have to wait until I do before I can actually post this (I have wifi now so yay!!!).

Sheesh, it was quite the day today. I saw such beautiful sights; I close my eyes and I’m right back there. Hopefully I will actually get back some day, because there was just so much more to see, but I had such little time.

So, after leaving the restaurant this morning I headed straight to the Hopewell Rocks. How magical! The tides of the Bay of Fundy are the highest in the world, and when the tides are low you can walk along the ocean floor to see the rocks up close and personal. Unfortunately, I got there just a couple minutes late (literally), so I couldn’t walk along the floor entirely. I did for a little, though, to see the Flower Pot Rocks! The tide was coming up so quickly, though; I was only down there for about 10 minutes and it had come up several meters (spoken like a true Canadian) in that time span.



The Flower Pot Rocks!

The Flower Pot Rocks!

And again!

And again!

Even the regular hiking paths and lookouts were spectacular, though, so I didn’t feel as though I truly missed out on the ocean floor walking experience.


The hiking trail

Happy as a clam

Happy as a clam

The Livingston Hills

The Livingston Hills // les collines Livingston


The water is “chocolate colored” (as it’s called) because of the accumulation of silt carried by the tides from the sandstone cliffs.


My favorite part of the Hopewell Rocks park was that while there were a lot of people visiting (it was such a beautiful day), it was never too crowded! Even on the shore of the Flower Pot Rocks, there were a lot of people, but not too many that I felt as if I couldn’t get a good view. I even managed to get a few photos without any photobombing strangers!



Demoiselles Beach // la plage des demoiselles

There was no one else on the beach so I have zero shame

There was no one else on the beach so I have zero shame



I was almost always alone on the trails themselves. But never too alone; if I ever started to feel weird, I would come across some family as if to remind me that there were tons of people around. But most of the time, being alone felt quite relaxing.

After exploring the grounds for about an hour and a half, I drove about 2.5 hours to the Fundy Trail in Saint Martins. Again, B E A U T I F U L !!!!! A couple of highlights of the drive there:

  • A sign for “Music Night” at the local fire station – sounds like my kind of night
  • These cows, huddled under a single tree for shade:
    They all stared at me as I took the photo

    They all stared at me as I took the photo

    • The smell in the air when I got out of the car to take this picture made it even better, though. I’m not being sarcastic, either; it’s a weird Rutenberg-Getz women thing, just ask my ma and g-ma.
  • The scenery really reminded me that people still live the way we all did way back when – planting crops, raising cows, baling hay…
  • The alpaca farm.

The drive there was beautiful in itself, and the trail even more so. As I arrived, I pulled up to the admissions station and was greeted by two sweet ladies who asked me if I had traveled all alone, and when I said yes, one of them said, “A lot of people are doing it these days!” which I got a kick out of. The Fundy Trail can also be walked, but I opted out of that because I had little time and I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to make it up the trail and back, exploring what I wanted to explore, in that short of a time period. Also, some parts of the trail were completely wooded and I had already sweat my bug spray off. 😛

I decided to take on the Fundy Trail as my first tour guide in Montreal had suggested: I drove the whole trail first and then decided what I wanted to go back and see.

The driving trail has a ton of lookouts that allow you to take in the beautiful vistas and/or join the walking path. I did both, but enjoyed the lookouts more – the walking paths had very few signs, so you never knew exactly where you were headed. I guess the best way to do the walking path is to do it all the way through and just see where it takes you! There’s only one obvious trail, so that’s not the problem – it’s that the map they give you when you get there promises certain lookouts and foot bridges that are only available on the walking trail, but the only way to discover them is to just be continuously on that trail, I guess.

Anyway, here are some of the beautiful sights I saw along the Fundy Trail:










Even the outhouses were pretty

Even the outhouses were pretty





Poor Shamanda has a dirty face!

Poor Shamanda has a dirty face!



And then I discovered a waterfall

And then I discovered a waterfall

Apparently I'm terrible at taking photos of waterfalls

But apparently I’m terrible at taking photos of waterfalls


About 2.5 seconds before I ran into a hedgehog

About 2.5 seconds before I ran into a hedgehog

Not pictured: the look of sheer terror on my face when I encountered a hedgehog on the trail.

Kinda pictured: said hedgehog.

The butt of the hedgehog as it scurried back into the bushes thank GOD

The butt of the hedgehog as it scurried back into the bushes thank GOD

After I decided that I had seen everything I wanted to see (and given up on locating the few only-available-to-the-walking-path views), I headed in the direction of Alma, stopping first for some much needed, very refreshing soft serve ice cream.

On the way back there was very spotty service, so I had to navigate my way using only this bare-bone map that had luckily loaded before I lost service:

But I made it! Once I got to Alma, I went directly to the Alma Lobster Shop, where I picked up a lobster roll TO GO.


Gah, I love this place.

I stopped for gas before heading back to the campsite, and then ended up taking a different, more scenic route home (on purpose; don’t worry). I wanted to get back in time to see the sunset, but then I realized that the sun sets in the west (or the east) and the campsite faces the east (or the west). Whichever makes sense; I don’t have wifi to look it up.



Update: I now have wifi and the sun does in fact set in the west. Always go with your first instinct, people.

Luckily, I got to see the beginning of the sunset whilst driving on the scenic route, and was even able to pull over in a lookout area to capture it.


Then I saw a man picking flowers off of the side of the road and it made my night (I pretended they were for me). And then I saw this tacked to the bottom of the speed limit sign:


Back at the campsite, I sat down on the picnic table in front of my camper and practically inhaled my lobster roll. It was the best thing I had ever tasted (and not just because I was eating it in front of the PRETTIEST view).


I wanted to pack up my stuff before it got dark so that I wouldn’t have to do so in the morning, so I got all organized, got ready for bed, and am now lying (laying?) here writing. The wind is SO LOUD, it’s kinda freaky. Also, I now have a bunkmate: a mosquito. Please pray for me.

I feel totally safe here, but it can be unsettling to fall asleep in a tent that could easily be unzipped and opened. So, I pulled a total Jerry Getz (daddio): I tied the two zippers that open the camper together with shoelaces. It looks silly, but it puts me at ease – especially with this WIND.


Seriously, people. Listen:  IMG_0302 At least it drowns out the sound of the mosquito.

I’m probably going to be too tired in the morning to remember to take photos of the inside of the camper, so I took some tonight. It was already pretty dark, so the quality of the photos isn’t great. But the quality of the camper itself is FANTABULOUS.


To the right of the entrance


To the left of the entrance

Peep Poohie

Peep Poohie

View from my bed!

View from my bed!

P.S. It ended up being even darker when I woke up than it was at that point, so I’m glad I took the photos when I did!

I guess that’s it for now! I’m exhausted (I know you’re probably getting sick of me saying that). Off to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia tomorrow (well, today, since I couldn’t post this until I got to my next abode)!!!

Update: I have tracked down and killed the mosquito. And I mean, I really killed that mosquito. Unless it’s mosquito Jesus, there’s no way that thing is getting resurrected. (That is quite possibly the most religious thing I will ever say).

Quite the fashionista, I am.

Quite the fashionista, I am.

P.S. I meant to post this last night, but I fell asleep as one of the photos was uploading…

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  1. “Mosquito Jesus” (Bwahahahaaaaaa!) Trail hog. LOBSTER ROLL (!!!!) This trip (report) just keeps getting better and better.

    And, can it be? Does Shamanda actually have teeny tiny little individual wipers on her headlights???! If so, genius idea! And why do all cars not have those?

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