I scared the living daylights out of a little old lady.

The story: 

I was riding my bike (from that awful citibike service UGH) around the streets of Montreal, exploring every cute little street and cute little park… The brakes on the bike were really loud so I tried not to use them that much, slowing down naturally or stopping by putting my feet down.

Unfortunately, a lady had stepped onto the street I was riding down, so I had to slow down kind of suddenly (she was still a ways away so I still tried to put on the brakes lightly). The brakes were SO loud that she literally jumped out of her skin.

Okay, well not literally out of her skin, but she certainly jumped. I felt SO bad; I apologized profusely as she walked slowly across the street clutching her chest, still trembling.

Now that I think back on it; it was probably just a little bit of an overreaction… but that poor lady.

I’m sorry!!!