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That time when…

A cute guy in a grocery store bought me dinner.


The story: 

So, I was waiting in line to pay for my frozen Stouffer’s meal and Ritter Sport chocolate bar, standing behind an English-speaking couple buying the mixins for a healthy dinner and in front of a young English-speaking guy who was buying… I don’t really know what, he was too cute to notice that sort of thing.

I think I said maybe four words to him to let him know that it was “a-okay” (why I use these phrases even with people I don’t know — especially those of the cute variety — I will never know) for him to put his basket on the track in front of me, even though it was kinda all up in my personal space.

As I handed the cashier my items, the guy behind me said, “put it all in together,” and started loading his items behind mine. He then told me that I didn’t have to wait around, that I could just take my things and leave. HE PAID FOR MY DINNER. Granted, it was a pretty cheap dinner, but HE PAID FOR IT.


I couldn’t muster enough thank you’s to express how much I wanted to marry him in that moment.


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  1. And, that time (on down the road someday) when…

    …you are able to reciprocate that favor for some other someone, you will think of that cute guy and smile a smile in his direction 🙂

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