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The end of the road

This is it! I’m home! I’ll be posting a bit in the next few days with just a few stories from along the way, but this is the last daily post! Very bittersweet.

So, I woke up in Toronto at around 6… and then promptly set my alarm for an hour later.

When I finally did wake up, I packed up all of my things (I had already done most of the packing the night before so this was just last minute things), checked out of the hotel, and went on my way!

*Peace out* Canada :(

*Peace out* Canada ūüôĀ

It’s only about a 1.5 hour drive to Niagara Falls from Toronto, so it was pretty easy compared to what I’ve been doing! The only thing¬†of note that happened on this drive¬†was the sadness I felt when I couldn’t drive in the carpool lane because:

Then I got to Niagara Falls!!! I got there around nine, so I was able to get a great parking (in the incredibly overpriced lot, that is) and buy tickets for things before too many others got there.

Lord; these falls are just so impressive. The Chutes de Montmorency in Quebec City are actually taller than Niagara, but these are much wider. Such a magnificent sight.










Thank you, stranger

Thank you for recognizing my selfie struggles, stranger


This was my face pretty much the whole time:


After staring at the falls for a while, I went to buy tickets for both the Hornblower Boat Cruise and the “Journey Behind the Falls” tour.

I did the latter first; a walk underground that brings you out right in the middle of the Horseshoe Falls. I was amazed, and also quite drenched.







It was so windy and misty (“misty” is a gross understatement) — the complimentary ponchos did little to no good. I’m not complaining, though; the experience¬†was incredible.

The tunnel led to two¬†window areas through which you could see the falls¬†… falling, for lack of a better word. So amazing.

After this, I headed for a boat tour! The boat goes into the falls (not actually under them, of course, because we would all die, but into the soaking mist) and makes you really experience the sheer power of the water.








A mom: “That’s the boat we’re going to be one” Her daughter: “With all the apples?”


Very worth the wait.

Especially to be able to watch¬†the guy who was solving a Rubix¬†cube the whole time and the CUTEST baby who was SUCH a good sport (the falls were even scary for me at points — super loud), keeping his sweet blue eyes open the entire time despite the downpour.

It was about noon at that point, so I went to a patio cafe right next to the boat tour and ate a turkey sandwich and some chips while I listened to a guy playing the guitar live. It reminded me a lot of the gigs my uncle has in Wildwood every summer; the dude even played a lot of the same set list as my uncle, included some James Brown and the Beatles.

Except a) he wasn’t as good and b) this was the view:


As my cousin said, “Yep. That’s definitely Wildwood.”

After lunch I decided to begin to make my way home instead of spending any more money on the various tourist traps surrounding the falls.

I also saw the couple I was sitting across from at the CN Tower restaurant visiting the falls!!! How funny?

Cute Shamanda waiting for me

Cute Shamanda waiting for me

(P.S. Shamanda has been such a trooper this whole time <3)

My sneakers were completely soaked through so I had to change into a different pair, but then it was home I went!


I stopped once for gas, once for a McFlurry (NO shame at all), and then to grab some Panera right before I got home.

It’s funny… it’s actually hard to adjust back to reading MPH instead of KM/H now! I thought it would be easy to go back to MPH, but I’m so used to KM/H now… Guess I’m just a full blown Canadian now.

I also found it super interesting that over the entire two weeks in Canada I only saw about five cop cars on my long drives, yet within my first five minutes in America I saw three cop cars.


This drive home also made me realize how beautiful even Pennsylvania is. You really never have to far to see something magnificent.

Now, I’m home! Swarthmore greeted me with a beautiful sunset.


And two huge mosquito bites.

This whole trip just seems like a dream to me;¬†I feel like I’ve just been on this couch for two weeks. It’s such a strange feeling, and I’m not sure I enjoy it. Hopefully I’ll come to terms with it soon!

If you’re interested, keep checking in¬†for a few more tidbits surrounding the trip; I’ll let you know which post is my last ūüôā



  1. Bossy

    Noooooooooooooooo! I don’t want it to end. Except I want to see you. Such conflict!

  2. Bossy

    Oh wait. The boat with apples thing. Dying! Sure that wasn’t you and me?

  3. Carroll

    WHAT an adventure! You stayed in some really neat-looking places, but I’m betting it feels good to get back to your very own bed again. I’m so glad you took us all along with you (vicariously, that is) Daisy! (Except for the sky diving. I had to close my eyes for that part) Thanks for whetting my appetite to explore a new (to me) part of the world sometime. Also, Niagra Falls to Swarthmore in one day’s drive? Who knew! (As a kid growing up “Back East” just about everything other than “home” felt like it took forEVER to get to. Time to get out the maps an do a bit of road trip planning.

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