Miss Daisy Driving

she finally decided to take the wheel


I’m tired.

Too tired to write a post.

Too tired to even think of a creatle.

So tired that I just combined the words “creative” and “title” by mistake.

At least I’m not too tired to realize that mistake.

But I am too tired to think of another word so that I don’t use “mistake” twice in a row.

Too tired to even use thesaurus.com.

You get the point.

I’ll post as soon as I can; I just have to plug myself into the wall to charge up a bit. I’ve been on low power mode for the past two hours but I’ll put myself on airplane mode so I charge up as quick as possible. Heck, maybe I’ll even turn myself completely off so as to —

Too tired to know when to stop talking.

Now I’m too tired to even finish this po


  1. tucky tucky tuck tuck

  2. Hahah know the feeling.

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