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~Treat Yo Self~


Hello from Rimouski, QC!!!

Today was an easy day (after the seven hour drive). Rimouski is a pit stop to break up the drive from PEI to Ottawa with no real sights to see.

Well, I’m sure there was something to see, but it started raining after I got settled in (another stroke of luck) so I decided to just stay in tonight.

My alarm went off at 5am but I decided that since I didn’t have to be to the destination at any particular time, I could sleep a little longer. I only ended up sleeping until about 5:30 and was out by 6am! So much for sleeping in.

The drive was pretty smooth, besides a lot of fog. This time the fog was really in the way, so everyone was driving very slowly and carefully (thank goodness). Once it lifted, though, the fog was BEAUTIFUL over the trees and fields.

Caught another sunrise.

I even managed to catch another sunrise.

Watching the sunrise will never be not magical (double negatives mean I’m super serious).

A couple of things I saw/noticed/realized on the way up:

  • A truck carrying a house. Literally an entire house.
  • People walk on the side of the highway a lot (and not just the highways that pass by residential areas, but the full-blown highways)
  • Canadians really like golf
  • The answer to the question, “Will I never not audibly react to seeing cows?” is no.

Also, did you guys know that there is a $46 toll for PEI??? Ridiculous.

Since I wasn’t in a rush, I let myself stop whenever I wanted to. This really came in handy because I was SO tired; I had to stop for coffee a number of times.

One of my stops was in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Super cute!





Finally, I rolled up to Rimouski, my next destination! When this is the view from the gas station, you know you’re in a beautiful place.


I got there around 12:30pm, about 3.5 hours before check-in time. Luckily, though, they had a room all ready for me!!!

My room: One bed to nap in, another to sleep in

My room: One bed to nap in, another to sleep in

I settled in, wrote my last blog post, and then went to the pool (!!!) for some much needed relaxation 🙂





Pool + Hot tub


Cute little French-Canadian girl copying my every move

After I finished my book and got out of the hot tub (it was too cold to hang on the deck of the pool, even though it was inside), I went back up to my room to take a short nap before dinner. It was so nice!!!

And then, DINNER.

~vacation style~

~vacation style sponsored by JCrew~

I have no words for how yummy my meal was.

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Seafood Scampi

Seafood Scampi

Since it was treat yoself night, I decided to treat myself to two more glasses of wine after this one. Then I had a dance party in my hotel room.

‘Twas a great night.

To Ottawa!


  1. So much to say but “one bed to nap in and one bed to sleep in” stands out!!!

  2. Poohie is living large.

  3. And can we talk about your cute suit and where I might get one?

  4. Just a wild guess, Mama, that the cute suit (and yes, it totally IS cute!)’ s from J. Crew?

    Also, Miss Daisy — I am rooting for you to “sleep-in” one of these days. And, by “sleep in” I mean…don’t set the friggin’ alarm clock! “So tired”, eh? I wonder why.

    (From the perspective of a not-morning-person, even voyeuristically this trip is torture. On the other hand, those glorious sunrises you’ve been catching? Possibly worth it!)

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