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Welcome to the most photogenic city in Canada

Alright; day one in Quebec = complete!

I woke up a little later than I wanted to, only to find out that the hot water for the shower wasn’t working. Desperate to at least wash my hair, I decided to wash it in the kitchen sink…

Somehow, my hair ended up being the softest it’s ever been.

But that’s besides the point.

I got a pretty late start, leaving at around nine to drive to the center of Quebec City for a day of exploration! I had booked a walking tour way back when, but unfortunately there was more traffic than anticipated and finding parking took even more time, so I missed the departure for that.

I was only about two minutes late (such a let-down), but I had been in such a rush that I had forgotten the voucher in Shamanda.

However, instead of dwelling on my mistake and letting it ruin my day, I decided to do another one of those hop-on-hop-off tours, so I bought a day pass at the information center and ~hopped~ on! I did the same thing as last time, doing the whole tour once and marking off the places that interested me. Gah; these streets are so beautiful.





I took a ton of photos on the tour, but given that I was taking them from the top of a bouncy, moving bus, most of them aren’t the best.


The streets all just have so much character. Such unique architectural elements… it really felt like a European villa.

Tour highlight:

  • The two ladies in front of me who kept on raising their phones to take a photo just after we passed a landmark. They didn’t get a single photo the entire hour and a half tour. Seriously, it should be an SNL skit (if it isn’t already).

This tour wasn’t as great as the one in Montreal because in Montreal there was a live tour guide; this time, it was a recording that you’d listen to with headphones. Also, the bus kept going down the same streets so it got a little repetitive (especially when I did the tour again). Half of that is because most of the streets are one-way so the bus had to do some U-turns, but the other half seemed to be because the tour itself was a little disorganized (stopping at places we had already passed, etc.).  Still, enjoyable, though! Even if the bus driver didn’t wait for you to sit down before driving away.

After the initial tour I was unbearably hungry, so I walked around for a bit looking for a cafe or something. I ended up at a place called l’Omellete, where the guy who showed me to a table asked me, “You’re alone? Where’s your boyfriend?”

I’m sure you were trying to be flattering, dude, but I happen to love eating by myself.

  • Your meal goes much quicker .
  • You don’t have to worry about what you look like while eating. If food falls out of your mouth, no one cares! Except maybe the bartender in front of you.
  • You don’t have to share the bread.

Also, I talk to myself way more than half of the couples I’ve seen sitting together.


After my wondrous meal of eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee I made my way back to the meeting area for the bus. This time, I got off when I wanted to. I also listened to the tour in Spanish, just for shits and gigs. Of course, I didn’t understand a lot of it, but I do know “derecha”  from “izquierda,” so at least I knew where to look.

















Oldest grocery store in Quebec City!

I didn’t have as much time as I wanted, so I didn’t stop at every stop. I did get to see what I really wanted to see, but one day is definitely not enough to see everything! Luckily, I have another day!

Highlights of the day:

  • Passing the Church of Scientology (about five times)
  • The Asian family wearing the exact same shade of light blue
  • The store called “Baguette & Chocolat” — sounds like my kind of shop
  • The street performer singing Ring of Fire
  • Whenever my BFF bus driver greeted me with, “Hello again!” How/why he recognized me time and time again after driving so many people all day, I have no idea.
  • The fact that when my brain isn’t ready to hear French, I hear English. For example, as I was boarding the bus for the last time, I heard someone say, “I only come with schoolwork,” and I thought that she was making fun of me for having a book out, but when I listened further I realized she was speaking French. I have no idea what she actually said…
  • When I happened upon some opera:



There were also so many horses used for carriage rides; they looked so sad. Ugh!

After I grabbed the last bus of the day and landed back in the meeting area, I grabbed a quick dinner at Portofino, and Italian restaurant (where I could get 15% off by showing my wristband from the bus tour).  It was yummy! Not photo worthy, but definitely filling.

It was pretty frantic in the restaurant, especially behind the bar. It’s a miracle that the bartender didn’t spill anything! It really felt like one of those restaurant iPhone games in which you have to please as many customers as possible before the day ends (the time runs out).

I walked around for a bit more after dinner and then eventually ended up in the parking garage to pick up Shamanda. I had my ticket out and ready but then accidentally left it on the top of my car, so when I drove out of the spot, it flew off. I didn’t realize what had happened until I got up to the pay window, and I thought I was going crazy; I had just had it in my hand.

LUCKILY, I retraced my steps and found the ticket. PHEW; I was so relieved, because if I hadn’t found it I would’ve had to pay a lost ticket fee… no thanks.

I drove back without a GPS (I’ve made this a habit recently; I’ll only insert the address into my phone if need be). My sense of direction has improved so much… It’s amazing how much signs will tell you!!!

I stopped at a path I passed on the way back and walked for quite a bit. It was beautiful! And so relaxing.



I passed a French-speaking man walking his dog on the trail and he looked at me and said something in French… I apologized and told him that I don’t speak French. He adjusted and then translated his comment for me. Except I have no idea what he said. I think it was something along the lines of “Tom Cruise my dog,” but I cannot be too sure… Or sure at all.


On the way home, I turned on the radio to listen to the one English station they had. They were interviewing a woman who owns a retail store in Quebec somewhere. She was telling the story about how her store has been broken into twice (four attempted break-ins in total) but the thieves only steal mannequins each time, none of the expensive boutique clothing on the mannequins (or elsewhere in the store).

Quite interesting.

Then I tried to take an “I’m so tired” selfie but I was apparently too tired to do that. 


The sunset looked so beautiful from the deck of my apartment.


Then, I turned on another Netflix original movie: Remember Me. It wasn’t a light movie in any respect, but I really enjoyed it… until SOMETHING TOTALLY UNNECESSARY HAPPENED IN THE END THAT I WON’T TELL YOU ABOUT BUT KNOW THAT IT WAS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY AND I AM ANGRY.

I was so angry that I made some more cookies.

Now… I’m awake way too late. Another long day tomorrow.

Yay Quebec City!


  1. Now I’m thinking that Quebec is my favorite.

  2. I’ve become obsessed with finding winter photos of the places you’re visiting. Quite something, all snow-filled. Those Canadians are really good at cold.

  3. Now I’m back to Ottawa after talking to you.

  4. I am SO planning a trip to Canada after reading all this. You should be getting big discounts from the Canadian Travel Bureau and the various city’s Chambers of Commerce!

    “Tom Cruise my dog”


  5. My husband and I honeymooned in Montreal and Quebec City 21 years ago. I loved them both, but Quebec is special!!

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